Identification, please

Again, because of my constant effort to concentrate on important issues: homework, studying, important meetings, etc… the actual date of this post is: Oct. 8, 2004 because this was the date that this event took place: Oct. 5th, 2004. So, the main event of today (Oct 5, 2004) was the trip out to the Furndale Corrections Institutions, for my ID processing. Furndale is located out in Mission, North from Abbotsford, on the other side of the Fraser River. The event was the fingerprinting that is needed for correction’s file for each volunteer.

I left out to Mission as soon as I got out from work. I thought that I would of at least had enough time to leave, stop off at home, change, and continue down the valley to my destination? I had it all planned out. I had my map-book and highlighted the route I wanted to take, following the directions given to me by one of the Corrections employees by an E-mail. I calculated the time and distance taken to get there and made my travel plan, thinking that everything was under control. Well….. I left out the rush-hour factor!

I was a little late. No big deal. No one was “bent out of shape” over my lateness, but on my way there, something interesting happened, something that at that time, I never really thought about until I got home that night. What happened was, I got lost just before I came to the intersection when I was to turn off the main road. There are two prisons located side by side to each other. Funrdale, a minimum prison, which has no fence or bars around it, and Matsqui, which has large fences with razer wire coiled on top, and does have bars and cameras at every corner. I entered the wrong road. I was heading right to the heavily fortified prison grounds: freshly manicured laws and prefect cut hedges and lamppost that were really cameras. I passed a sign that read ” you are now entering a Federal facility, your vehicle may be searched, etc…” at the bottom of it, it said: “you are monitored by video camera and your vehicle registration will be checked.” Within barely travelling into the parking lot, a patrol vehicle head right at me. He stopped, I wound down my window and ask “I’m looking for Furndale. I seem to be a little lost. He pointed over to a field off in the distance and I looked in the general direction. Sure enough, I recognized the buildings and landscape. I said, ” how do I get over there?” “Well,” he said, looking quite amused, “You need to drive out the same way you came in and turn right, go down one block and you’ll see the gate.” “Oh, great, thanks….” I said. So when I got to Furndale, it seemed that everyone knew I was arriving. Hummmm, I must of been the talk of every walky-talky in a 3KM circle!

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