My Computer Science Class

Oh how funny does one laughs on a very, very dry subject such as Computer Science 101 (or 1100 as in my institution). Yet some marvellous person with a great sense of humour devised a way to make learning so much fun. So let me set the seen for you, my dear readers so you to will laugh as I did when I sat at my terminal to work on my class assignment yesterday…

It is common for students to share the computer labs while classes are in session. This was the situation before my class started. I had a assignment due, and I wanted to polish it up before I handed it in. So, I took advantage of some of the vacant stations. A upper level class was in progress and it sounded very interesting. It was hard to not listen in on what the prof was lecturing on.

I then realized that I was not doing my work, but enjoying the class. Equally notable was what all the other students were doing when the lecture was taking place. They seem to be doing some sort of miming exercise while the prof talked on specific subject matter. There seem to be a pattern when one thing was said. I could not put my finger on it at first. They never giggled or showed any signs that they were amusing themselves, which made it even harder to figure it all out.

The most prominent gesture was the itching exercise everyone did. They would start itching their arms and heads like mad, as if they all had fleas or a bad rash. They would do it for about 5 seconds then stop. It looked hilarious!

As I watched a little longer, I started to notice the pattern: if the prof said the word Macintosh, then everyone would pretend they were eating an apple. If he said, World Wide Web, then everyone would move their hands like fish swimming through the water. It was killing me. I could not stop laughing through all of this.

Finely After a half hour, I started to figure what word was associated with all the itching they were doing. It seemed every time the prof would say the word “Windows” this would invoke the itching action. But this puzzled me because I could not figure out what was the connection? So I asked on of the students what it meant. She replied: Bugs!

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