Human Error, or Human failure

When we humans started to walk the earth, we dared to question our very existence. We probed ourselves, the environment around us and searched for answers to questions we could not find through our senses. Perhaps we took a wrong turn along the way and ended up here, today, we you sit at this very moment. We have built ourselves a society that has many rules and many regulations. We have built a universe that encompasses the limited knowledge we possess; and through this means, lack of understanding of the whole, survival, and suffering, we rule with impunity and self prophesy. Yet at any given time, somewhere, someone will claim they have the answer, know the truth and wish to advocate their ideology upon the whole.

Did we err somewhere in our past? When we constructed the human feeling of doubt and self sacrifice, did we tell ourselves that this was acceptable and that nothing else mattered? Does the rights of my laws prevail over yours? Are all equal? Or is this just another one of those quirky little frailties of Mankind…

Diffrent subject now:
trailer accedent
Anyway, a co-worker wished that I post this picture that I took of a accident that occurred during work. It was nothing, only some bent metal and repairs that took 4 or 5 hours to fix. The contents of the trailer were good, nothing damaged, just the pride of the truck driver who was moving it.

When he started to pull the trailer from where it was parked, it somehow popped out of the fifth wheel, the devices that locks the pin from the trailer and allows it to move freely when turning corners. So as a consequence, the tractor went one way while the trailer kept going straight. When it slid away from the tractor, the “landing gear” as we call it, buckled under the weight and pressure, and came crashing to the ground. It took 2 cranes to right the trailer and put it on another tractor.

The first driver (the one who lost the trailer) had to get repairs done to his fifth wheel. It had malfunctioned causing the accident. There, are you happy now, Jer!

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