What comes around, goes around

I’m talking flue season here. Holy crap, everyone on campus has got the dam thing, and I feel I’m next! So far, I’m on good ground: no symptoms yet, but you just never know when your sitting in that classroom and all that coughing is going on!

So far, I have being fallowing what the doctors are saying on the news in avoiding the flue. Wash your hands before you eat, after touching someone and even when leaving the washrooms. And of course, drinking lots of fluids. The Flue shot, which I haven’t done yet. Lastly, a good stock pile of chemical anti-flue fighters at your ready. I do that hurble thing too, but why just rely on one form of defence, be prepared, have them all. Chicken-noodle Soup is my favourite! Never can have enough of a good thing, and I believe it does work, so stock up on that too.

However, there is another way, more like a practise then sorts and that is: avoidance. You never hear the doctors talk about that one? If you use the same logic as sex, thinking about STDs, then you should in theory apply it to flues and colds. It is all about contact. Just think, we would not have these killer flue epidemics if we all stayed home and worked from our computers. We could venture outside, we would just do it from the comfort of our own vehicles!

No more runny nose. No more coughing and that horrid sore throat. No more headaches and swollen sinuous pains that hits halfway though the Flue. Just a nice uninterrupted life, free from these upsets that otherwise make us suffer twice a year! Could this be the Utopia that the ancient Greeks talked about?

And just think, those pharmaceutical companies, the one’s who make a killing, a huge fortune off of us sick and dieing would go belly up from loss of profits! Waiting lists would shrivel to no waiting for medical services because doctors would have half the patience load gone! Holy-Cow man, Paul Martin, you need to hear this— get on board, this could solve all your problems in Ottawa.

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