The Artwork Craze

I’m on the artwork craze right now. Between homework assignments and other things on my schedule, I manage to find time to run my newly discovered program called POV-Ray Rendering software. I had the program for sometime now, but I could never get it to work. It just required too much work to set it up. My second pic made from POV-Ray

It comes free with the Red Hat Linux Operating Systems, however when I upgraded to Fedora II LINUX systems, It was there again. But this time when I selected it from the menu on my desktop, it activated and started to set-up the run-wizard. I was curious when I went through the file menu selection. It noted that I needed to download one additional program to do the actual rendering. OK, that was painless. It excepted it right away and I did not need to apply any patches or hacks to the directory files and core program.

My very first pic using the POV-Ray program.It had a tutorial that you could follow along and create your first rendered photo. I was shock and stunned when that first photo slowly rendered on my desktop. I was amazed at the detail and degree of realization the photo made with all the lighting, shadowing and reflections on each of the object I placed inside the photo. I just kept saying “cool!”

So here are the first two photos that I made with the POV-Ray rendering software I have. According to the website, you can also get programs that can render trees, backgrounds and landscapes, human figures and faces and lastly, do animation with all that! Now I wish I was not so busy with classes. Oh the temptation!

2 Thoughts on “The Artwork Craze

  1. I had POV-Ray for ages but just couldn’t find the time to “get into it” again. I think I’ve got some old posts about it somewhere. I originally had it many years ago on an old Atari 520 (that’s like an Amiga 600 and about as old) but it could take a whole day to render a picture on that thing. Patience was a virtue back then. :read:

  2. Yes, It seems you need time to sit down and play with it. I read the manual that came with it, and that got me off to a flying start. Now, I want to get it to landscaping and trees. I guess I need to brush up on Java becuase all the add-ons are Java and cross-platform now. Regarding the “patience thing” and looking at those “golden age ofr computing” I would now you don’t have to sit there hours waiting for it to produce that work of art you spent hours on!

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