Lunar Eclipse tonight

Tonight is sort of a special night. We will be treated with a Full Moon and it will be eclipsed by the Earth starting as soon as the Moon rises over the horizon. Just a little warm up to Halloween night I guess. Totality should be between 7:40pm to 8:20pm local time (Pacific Standard). So, if you just happen to look up tonight wondering where the Full Moon went, well, buy yourself a issue of Astronomy Magazine, because you just saw a great event and didn’t realize it.

3 Thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse tonight

  1. I was up for that as I was watching the World Series but it was raining so much it was too cloudy to even see the moon.

  2. I think for the first time in a long time, we had good weather for watching these things. It is normal for rain on astro-events to take place! I missed a 80% solar eclips becuase of crappy weather…. I was dam disapointed…. grrrrrrr. What can you co with Mother nature :boohoo: But hey the Red Socks…!

  3. Yes I enjoyed all 4 games. Can’t think why. I’m not a Sox fan as such but as they hadn’t won it for 86 years….

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