It’s getting cold

As the lunar eclipse from last night fades into distant memory, I was equally amazed when I could see the local mountains (yes, it was a clear sunny day and night) before that lunar event even took place. Yes, there is snow on them there mountain tops! And the snowline is getting lower. The nights are getting cooler, I have my heating bill for this month to prove it. Like clockwork, first thing this morning we returned to our regular scheduled weather: rain, overcast and more rain, I thought, hey, could it snow before Halloween?

Now think about it? Look at how screwed up our weather has being for the last while. Here in Southern BC, we have had heat waves and near record drought conditions, then flooding and recored rain falls, right after that, why not have a white Halloween? Hey, it could happen.

I just looked at the local weather forecast, we are going mighty near that freezing mark tonight and our high for tomorrow could be only 12C…… I know, I know…. that really doesn’t mean a thing around here, but hey, the possibility it there, right?

On average, we get our first snow fall in the second week of November, basically in 3 weeks. Last year, we only hit the minus zero mark for 3 whole weeks and got 6 CM of snow for the whole year. I have a funny feeling that we are in for a huge dump! Just like the one we had in 96. I guess I should stop typing before someone takes my website off the net for en-sighting threatening weather predictions?

4 Thoughts on “It’s getting cold

  1. Ya, I have to race in this weather all weekend in Victoria — Can you say, FREEZE MY ASS off waiting for the race start time for up to an hour in the boat each day???!?

    Have a good weekend!

  2. T, I hope your feeling better this weekend. I’m sure you are going be feeling better once your paddeling. Drink lots of liquids, if you can still swallow then, and load up on chicken noodle before the race. Good luck out there on the water…… ouch that’s going to be cold…..*shiver* :kaffeee:

  3. Err… I row. I don’t “paddle” 🙂 LOL

    Thanks — I had a really great weekend. Hope you had a great one too!

  4. Oppppps, Noted: rowing the boat. :shifty:

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