Art, SPAM & Daylight not saving time.

Great that the weekend is finally here. It was another one of those days where I needed a clone to handle my workload, meaning if I could be in two places at once I would be on top, instead of rushing all the time! I manage to get the job done, albeit sometimes a little sloppy, but I make the deadlines. Unfortunately, today I had to miss one appointment, and I feel so bad about right at the moment. I was to volunteer over at the prison, but fighting traffic and a mechanical failure in the middle of the highway between Vancouver and Richmond didn’t help either and I decided to go home knowing I would of missed over half of it. And that was because I thought I could get home faster by taking a short-cut — like that worked, eh?

So, I’m at home now. Tired and sore from all the days activities and worries, I’m just siting here at the keyboard wondering what textbook I open to begging the reading assignments for my classes. I paid my Registration fee to day and got that out of the way. I was reminded that I must take my English Placement exam very soon, all I have left are two English credits and I’m done my Crim. degree. Well, almost done. heh. Still got a year to go from my BA in Criminology.

Oh, I made some more computer artwork the other day. I finally rendered and uploaded them here and: as you can see: I’m getting more advanced in POV-Ray art styles. I’m really hooked on this type of computer art. It looks so cool! I just can’t get enough…. hey, that could be a good line in a commercial…. Crap, someone already took it, dam!

OH yeah, one more thing. I am so glad that I installed the anti-spam plug-in that are available for Word-Press (the makers of this fine Blog) and boy, is it ever working. In the last week, I had over 3 different people, or companies trying to add their advertising to my weBLog via the comments in each post. Yesterday, I had 34 comments added all selling junk.The plug-in I have tell me whether someone has inserted a comment that contains a listed word, then automatically puts it into the moderation wait list for me to delete it. You guys never see it. If it were not for that little piece of code, I would be sending you a mountain of V____. You fill in the blank!

Dont’ forget to set your clocks back on Sunday! We get to sleep in an hour on Monday! :rockon:

2 Thoughts on “Art, SPAM & Daylight not saving time.

  1. Don’t you just love spammers! :hithead: Now when you think you’re getting good with the old Povray go and have a look at this site. Sunday night means I get to stop up an extra hour.

  2. Stuart, when I downloaded the POV Ray 3.6, it came with a huge doc file writen in HTML. You should see what you can do with this. I have about 5 GUIs for it, and blending the sceens together is just starting to work for me. It takes a few hours to figure out each of GUIs. I’m using Kpov as the LINUX GUI for POV Ray, it has about 90 percent of the usable ports that 3.6 has. It is quite addicting….. Isn’t it?

    One of the young girls in my Computer Scinece class was looking at my weBlog. she seemed very keen on POV Ray. I gave her the link and told her what I knew of how to get it up and running. I’ll find out next week how well she did. I think the measure is how much sleep one gets while catching up on the rest of your life and fitting POV Ray time around that!

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