November is here, in a big way

Those were the days, when I was in my transition phase of adolescents, I was heavily into music: the high school band: playing woodwind instruments such a Saxophone, Clarinet and oboe , to a garage rock band where I played Keyboard and guitar. Yes, I can read and write music; both modern and classical. How I got to Criminology and Law, from there, you’ll have to read the whole weBlog to find that out. But anyway, yes I love to play instruments and create music. In my early twenties, the last band I was part of while living in the province of Ontario, in a little town called Ajax, just east of Toronto, I was with a 3 or 4 man band that wrote and played most of our own music.

One song in particular was called “To far gone in (till) November.” Our lead guitar player and song writer Sean Whitney, came up with this little gem. He told me that everything came to a head in November(s) in his life, all the time. The whole year, he would spend saving, working towards and building something, and usually, it all came tumbling down in November. November is also when the Band separated as we went our own paths after playing together for all most 2 years back in 1989. It was a fun time for me as I’m sure it was for Rob, Sean and Steve, but we all grew up.

I cannot help but be reminded about that song we played many times as we hit this time of year. The song centres around a couple who are having a huge fight, and they call it quits after hours or day of fighting. After the break up, the guy, then starts thinking about what just happens. The song is those thoughts. He relives the events, then tries to sort them out in his mind. At one point he wants to pick up the phone and call her, but decides not to. After a long time, he finally stands up and start walking, never looking back. Partly because of the pain, partly because he does not want to relive the past. The song is a slow balled with a heavy Zeppelin style solo at the climax of the story. However, the story ends with the theme of moving forward, never looking back till next November. Yup, November….

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