I smell divorce season in the air

OK, you know how things seem to happen in “threes” or when you look back after a series of events and you wonder if they were are all connected in some cosmic way? Well, I did for a while, anyway. Thinking about why all of a sudden people around me were talking about divorce, separation and breakups when for years, their lives have being one big harmonious occasion?

In the last week or so, I have being confronted with three people whom I have known for years or just met in the last few months. Each are in no way acquainted with each other. They never met. I’m doubting that divorce spreads like a disease through contact, this does not seem likely here: except that I’m the common denominator. However, this does make one think about that though, now doesn’t?

On Monday, a friend from College told me that he is seeking a divorce after being separated for 2 years and he wants to start another relationship. Also from College, a women who sits in my class groups has announced yesterday that she has filed for divorce because her relationship has failed over the last six months. In her case, two young children are involved. Very sad indeed. As I got home from work, I made a quick stop of at the local library to drop off some books. On my way out, a friend of mind from the neighbourhood was riding by on her bike. She stopped to say hi, and within a matter of five minutes, dumped the last five years of her life in one long monologue and concluded that the divorce papers are in the mail with her spouse.

Wow! What the heck is going here people! The cost… The time invested… What about the children? Why would any of you want to throw away years of hard work so Lawyers and legal council members along with the FMEP (Family Maintenance Enforcement Program) and Family Services can cash in your misfortune? Sheesh.

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