In Law we Trust Justice to be Carried Out

Depending on what news cast you watch and who’s paper you read, you are going to get varring accounts of the justice system. My Criminal Law professor this semester has implanted the seed of reckoning regarding such general ideas and makes use think beyond the sphere of society. Unfortunately, the end result does not reflect that all of the time.

I’m to write a paper on the legal aspects of Juries in Canadian Law, speaking generally, the topic chosen is “is it time that our laws with respect to jurors were overhauled?”

Also in class he has brought to our attention two major changes that are appearing in Canada that he believes will have huge impacts on our legal system. The first is the legalization of Marijuana and last, the legalization of assisted suicide. So far since the semester has started, these two areas of controversy have erupted in the front pages of every news paper across Canada.

Last Tuesday, November 2, 2004 a 74 year old woman by the name of Evelyn Martens, who was involved in a police undercover operation in Doncan, BC, regarding a 64 year old former nun who committed suicide. The Crown in the jury trial was to prove that Martens was involved in assisting the suicide of this women. At the time Martens was the director of the Right to Die Society located in Victoria BC. Only after two days, of deliberations the jury’s verdict was not guilty saying that the Crown did not have good evidence to prove Martens was guilty of the indictable offence that could of put her in jail for up to 10 years. Of course it is now up to the Crown to decide whether they want to appeal it or not. ***Remember, this is your tax dollars at work here…***

So Juries do play a huge role in our legal system. Just imagine if this trail was judge alone how different the outcome would of being?

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  1. This is a very hot topic for me… I’m a firm believer that people should have a choice as to whether or not they want to suffer with an incurable disease. We put our pets down so they can relieve the suffering, but we as human beings cannot choose ahead of time when we have sense of mind when we would have enough?

    I’ve seen far too much suffering in my family — And, on at least three different fairly recent occasions, I know that members of my family would have certainly chosen to be relieved of such amazing pain and suffering when the doctors had no ability to help them beyong keeping some of the pain at bay.

  2. Perhaps you should take some of these Law classes, or at least sit in on them, you would have some great lectures that would make you think in all sorts of directions. However, don’t let (the)law fool you, it only deals in a very narrow scop of “right” and “wrong” to the letter of the law. Public opinion takes a back seat in these cases. The Criminal Code of Canada can only be changed by Ottawa, that is, its their jurisdiction, and its the voters who, in the end, put the right govrnment in power that reflects the social changes needed.


    Criminal Code of Canada
    Section 241 Counselling or Aiding Suicide –Every one who

    (a) counsels a person to commit suicide or

    (b) aids or abets a person to commit suicide,

    whether suicide ensues or not, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.
    R.S.C. 1985, c. 27, (1ts Supp.) s.7(3)


    Anotherwards, the person who is convidcted of this offence would receive about the same punishment as someone who commits second degree murder.

    Thanks for your post T :clap:

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