Punishing mid term papers

Papers are due next week and I have the next 48 hours to whip up my creative (can’t think of a good synonym for the word juices, because juice sounds so tacky right now?) so I’m in worry mode. Time ticks away and my “writers block” creeps in every time I hit the “enter” button on this keyboard. It doesn’t take much to switch off my attention from these deadly homework assignments to become easily distracted into other less productive pleasures like “3D modelling” and animating them just for the hell of it. And, knowing that my GPA hinges on this very paper, a paper that requires a minimum B+ to pass and move up into the 3rd & 4th year at SFU………That doesn’t help either.

So, what’s a guy to do? Well, he randomly types into in his weblog and spews his worries all over it so he can share that feelling with the whole world…. Now thats tacky! Some part of me hopes that a great disaster will hit the West-coast just before it is time to hand the paper in. Perhaps wishful thinking, but with my luck, it will never happen, or, if it did, the campus will be the only building still standing—with power! I could always use the old classic, “Sir, my dog ate my paper…., could I have an extension to reprint for you, say, next week….” You’d think he’d buy it?

So, I guess I better get back to writing…… er…… I mean typing.

2 Thoughts on “Punishing mid term papers

  1. Hi Tom. Totally off-topic but as you mentioned it on my blog I thought I’d point you in the right direction. If you are using FireFox go look at Spellbound. It is supposed to work in Linux. It is a spell-checker built into the browser. This allows you to check any text you enter into any on-line forms etc. The good side effect is that, for me, it also works within TXP because you write your articles from your browser. This means I can check my articles before I post them and it works in the “comments” box too. As far as I can see it should work within WordPress. Try it. :rockon:

  2. Thanks allot Stuart for the handy advice. I just did the install of Spellbound and it really works quite nice. Thanks for the tip…… Now my posts will unbelievably professional! Enjoy you Monday 🙂

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