One more exam done and finished

Certainly feels good to have one more exam under my belt. I just wrote my second mid term in CRIM 2341 today. It was a huge exam, a full three hours to write it, I took two hours and twenty minute to complete it. My hands cannot write another word. Even typing hurts right now. But, I am so happy that this one is over. It’s value, twenty five percent of the course and it is the last of the two major exams each worth the same value. All that is left is two more exams from other classes (nothing compared to this one as far as workload goes) and lastly, the final, only worth ten percent in the CRIM 2341 class and all other classes. I like classes where the professor makes in class finals. I hate the ones where you have to show up during the two weeks scheduled for finals. It is like having a two week holiday. *breath in* and *breath out* :clap:

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