SPAMers Have No Idea

Over the course of the last three weeks, I have being getting about thirty to forty “SPAMed Comments” per day. The relentless serge in the last weeks alone have increased by a rate of fifty percent. In the last twenty four hours, I have received eighty comments from three companies with their SPAM. Interestingly, they have not cough on to what is happening to those who posses the Word Press BLOGing systems on there websites. With the “bulk clearing” method in the “EDIT” feature, clearing unwanted SPAM has never being easer. I have also taken advantage of the IP Blocker and “Kittens Anti-SPAMer Program” offered only for Word Press. Kittens program sends out a HTML page that advertises, for a fee, any company that wishes to post there advertisement on this BLOG I require a fee of $20.00 per month. I notice that every name I add to it, they mysteriously stop SPAMing? Go figure!

6 Thoughts on “SPAMers Have No Idea

  1. This is a SERIOUS frustration of mine. As I use B2, there’s not much hope for features on the comments.

    That said, at least I have direct access to my database, and I clear them off that way. How annoying!!!!

  2. Tanya, Word-Press is the predecessor to B2. You should think about upgrading to Word-Press. Some of the plug ins might work with B2, however, the bulk delete and SPAM list is a great tool, pluss, Word-Press is very active as many people are adding to the list of “goodies” in the Word-Press community. At least have a look at their website. But ya–the SPAM is getting out of control! I’m ready to start phoning servers to complain!


  3. *sigh* It’s called plumber’s syndrome. My site is pretty embarrassing for an internet professional… I have decided to update to B2 Evolution, but I just have no time right now for that. Eventually!

  4. OH no, your not deleting every bit of SPAM: comment by comment? :boggle:Ugh….. I just got a new SPAMMER today. Someone I never seen before. I just signed them up to my “ads for a small fee” page. I wonder how they got my address????

    Oh, I just found out someone was using my E-mail service on this site for sending SPAM. I put a stop to that last week. By the time I stopped them, they had sent over 90 E-mails. Some people!:hithead:

  5. Hell no! I’m deleting them in bulk! (highlight all, delete… control un-highlight the ones I actually want to keep.)

    Gosh, I am an internet professional 🙂 LOL!

  6. I guess that is pretty much what anyone can do with their BLOG now a days. I found a plugin that if you don’t query your “waiting to be approved” list, it will automaticly delete them at a specific time period. The only problem it, say you were to write or comment about a topic that is listed on my SPAM list? megh……… That would be a dilemma….

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