Greatest Canadain or just as of 2004

All the hype and attention of the CBC’s television show, The Greatest Canadian, its not surprising that at least some from who appreciate the historical attributes of Canada are ecstatic with this event. However, when I realized that Canada in it’s own right has so many great people, I found myself choosing who not only has a world renowned reputation or international fame, but sought to find that distinctly Canada flavour. So when I went to the CBC website to cast my vote, I was not surprised to see Tommy Douglas sitting on the top. OK, I know, people would of chosen Wayne Gretzky or Don Cherry, but come on, what a way to get in touch with our history! Who cares, that ninety percent of those who are NDP did the mass vote, Tommy Douglas is distinctly Canadian, and probably one who Quebec could jump on board with too? Anyway, I encourage you all to vote as we head into the last week of the program.

___Addendum___ +Posted December 4, 2004:+ The winner of the Great Canadian was Tommy Douglas. He won by quite a large lead: 400 000 votes out of 1.4 million? Some call Douglas, “the father of medicare.”

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