Upgrade on the Fire Fox browser.

Fire Fox web browser has yet again amazed me with all the new and cool features [ the latest release 1.0] including the latest security fixes. No wonder they are blowing anything Microsoft off the road. This is one kick ass browser. If i had this browser when I first got into Blogging, I would have never of had a dull day! Fire Fox and Bloging were meant for each other. Well, I upgraded and everything seems to work fine. I lost some of the themes I has, but no big deal, there are hundreds to choose from their download centre. I had a little trouble with the Spell Checker. I had to do some tweaking because I run from a LINUX platform. At least I was able to re-port the Checker so it would work with my mouse, right clicking. I might write to the creator and give him my “up-grades,” but I think I will wait until I got all the bugs worked out. It’s a fun browser. Works on all operating systems and is part of Mozzila!

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