E mail full of scams

In every batch of E mail I receive over any given weekend, I see at least one or two headers with the most outrageous and bogus claim of just about anything you could imagine. Now, I feel I have a pretty good server. Not the one that this web site uses, but the service provider to my home, and it is cable, ___although I rather not mention any corporate names on my blog___… Anyway, the service provider has done many improvements over the last few months on eliminating SPAM(un solicited electronic advertising) and attachments that may contain viruses, worms, trogen programs and other bad things that seem to defy all laws on advertisement. I got one yesterday offering me a diploma, a BACRIM(bachelor of arts in Criminology)? The same four year degree I’m currently taking as a matter of fact, and they could sell it to me for a fraction of the cost, and I would have it completed in less than two years! “Wow,” I said to myself, “what a deal.” Another one I received was a “rich” person who (claimed he) lived in Israel and was looking to buy vehicles, land, gold, etc… The only stipulation was, he would issue a cheque and then you would do the purchasing. And in return, you would deliver the stuff to him, (now get this) somewhere in the US. He never mentioned that part in any detail however? Some of these letters make me laugh, some, I roll my eyes in discus, however, I do do the right thing and pass these along to my service provider so they can prevent them from going any further.

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  1. Yep. For this very reason, I’ve hosted my own email, thus eliminating any spam. I get less than one a day now, whereas, before with “that high speed cable company”, I was getting about 50 or more. If you are interested, I could give you some hints on how I eliminated spam almost all together! (All without any spam filtering!)

  2. Oh, yes, I’ve always wanted to figure out how this E mail thing works here, assuming that you are referring to the E mail address you use on your site (and mine), info@netchick.ca? But yes, I could use some professional input here…. Thanks 🙂

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