The Blogger’s Woes

For those of you who are here, you probably have your own weBlog and are experiencing what I’m going through, I’m sure you feeling my pain. Yes, I’m talking about SPAM(unsolicited E Mail) and the attack on the comments to each post that you see at the bottom of each post. I have done some research, installed some anti-SPAM(unsolicited E Mail) plugins to combat the situation. To no avail, I have gone the extra mile (or kilometre where I live) to shut the comments down on the older posts. At one point I was getting 300 comments per day.

Even though the plugins are great and the “Black List” for Word Press really works: not one of them made it to the weBlog, the design of the plugins allows an E Mail sent to verify that it needs to be moderated, just in case it is from a legitimate source. As a shot term solution to the problem, I have turned off the comments to any post that is older then 60 days. This seems to of kept the SPAM-BOTS(Creepy Crawly things that bite your weBlogs and spew acid all over the place) at bay. My hit list is down to one or two per day now. As a consequence, no one will be allowed to comments on any of those and can only read them. Just as good I figure, because I very rarely see any activity on those comments anyway.

But don’t worry, the comments for the last 60 days are open and you are welcome to post comments there. Perhaps I’m going to make a Blog-Rule page for those who need that extra set of instructions on how to use a weBlog. I noticed allot of you look and read these post, but less than five percent of you actually comments. I’m ruling out that you may be shy or just surfing, but hey, this weBlog is open to all who can type. Please be nice?

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