Fall Semester is Over

Oh Yes, the end of the semester has finally arrived! Today was the last class! Now I get to enjoy two weeks before my last final, and then rest until January 4th, 2005. Ho what a nice feeling. I should have my marks in a couple days on line. We had a in class final for this class and worth only 10 percent. Only one exam left. Nice.

Oh, while I was on the way home this evening, I was faced with a idiot driver who thought it was cute that he could cut several vehicles off while getting to the red first. He passed in front of me and all most side swiped me and rear-end the guy in front of me. I slammed on my brakes and the guy a head of me must of gunned it because he never got hit? Well, off he went. A minute later, I caught up to him as he waited at the next red light. And then again, he sped off, cutting off the last of the stragglers in the traffic crossing in front of us in the intersection. I could not believe that this kept on going. As he sped off into the distances, I just kept saying to myself, this guy is going to get himself killed, or killed someone else. Where is a cop when you need one!

2 Thoughts on “Fall Semester is Over

  1. Yay for end of semesters!!! You must be so happy to have a break, finally.

    You know, we really must catch up for a coffee sometime, as we’ve both commented plenty on each other’s sites!

    In the meantime, happy ho ho to you and yours!!

  2. Perhaps, that would be nice, :kaffeee::kaffeee::kaffeee:just finding the time :think:…..

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