Jolly, Golly and Me

Work finely hit fever pitch this week as the X-Mass buying rush kicked in. Working in the retail market, your subjected to the consumer cycles and buying power of the dollar. This year is case in point as we held off brining in inventory right until the last moment, then opened the flood gates to customer frenzy. Even though I work in distribution, I feel the pain of those poor clerks who have to put up with customers in the stores. Whatever corporate philosophy, the human factor of buying and selling is a rough one, and “the customer always being right,” statement is a foolish one. But anyway, my butt is sore, my nerves are shot and I am so hyped up, that it took me two hours to settle down once I got home.

As far as work goes, it is the number one reason why I hate this time of year. For once I would like to have a job that does not evolve around this “season consumer freak show” we put on every year. I am so disgusted with it, that I do not even partake in the celebrations anymore, nor do I encourage it in my little world. I agree with all those who say that we have lost the one element that transpired the holiday rituals from the past, the family. We have thrown it away and in doing so, created a world that entices us to buy, spend and take without any true care whatsoever. Why do I think like this? Simple, because after January we will be so dead that all of our part time seasonal will be laid off and full time staff brought to part time. We will be so slow that every employee will be dieing to leave home early, pondering about their huge credit debt or struggling to get enough hours per week to pay those bills. It just does not may any sense? Why?

This is my third straight year where I have being put onto my cash diet. This means no credit, no cheques and no Bank with their line of credit or overdraft accounts. This year will also mark the first year of me becoming debt free. I own my own home, I have no outstanding credit issues and I have one more law suit regarding a rouge collection company (that I have filed a action against) who just does not like going to court? That will be my entertainment for next year… he he he. ***my evil laugh*** But my point is, I work with so many who are are in the credit hole so deep that even I shake my head are how far they have gone. These poor soles still go out and buy way beyond their means and still consider that justification for the season spirit. ***barf***

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