Is it realy winter outside

As I sit here at my desk thinking about how fast this weekend just went by, I think, “holy crap…” I just realized that we are less than a week away from the big four day weekend, followed by a three day workweek going into New years. Now the flood of “things to do” start pouring into my already swamped mental state. I must focus my brain on the last and final exam for the year on the 22nd. Phew, I got to get me a list made here or I will never get everything ready when that time comes? I also want to get on top of all those little projects that require tools, supplies and possible more trips to the hardware store. I want to use the time to do some renovations around the place. Fix all those little things that have being piling up, things that are broken, but not vital to the daily operations of home-life. I want to use my time off from classes and work to get these things done. Like always, as I fear would happen like it did last year, I will be sitting in my armchair on the 25th, thinking to myself, “dam, why didn’t I get that pluming supplies to fix the bathroom?” Well, at least I got part of the way done on the weBlog. Do you like the half completed look so far?

4 Thoughts on “Is it realy winter outside

  1. Sounds like a D.I.Y holiday for you then. Am I correct in remembering the porch needs fixing up? I prefer this type of layout, though I think I would make the remaining menu a bit wider.

  2. Oh, Hey Stu! No, the porch (actually it’s a deck: no roof) is finished until I add the new section. Ya, as far as the Bolg layout goes, I’m busy relearning the CSS code. It doesn’t take long to forget all that stuff if you haven’t use it in a while? I had some comments about the fonts being too small and not looking to great on a 15inch screen… I’m trying to keep everyone happy… :doh:

  3. Definitely making progress!

  4. Thanks Tanya. The Blog evolves! he he he. :kaffeee:

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