Winter today, already thinking about summer

Only twelve hours into the first day of winter, I’m looking around the valley wondering if we are really going to have any sub-zero winterly weather filled days with lots of snow and freezing temperatures and power outages that seem to follow? [Really, I’m happy today!!!] Yuk! NO, I think we are in for the same mixed bag as last year? Yes, cool, never reaching below zero, but damp and cool enough to make life just as a miserable without the shovelling part. I think we are going to have our usual wind storms that we seem to be famous for and a supper early spring. Wow… this global warming thing is something? As I look at the national weather web page from environment Canada, I see that we are only spot in the whole country that is constantly in a non freezing climate! We are the envy of the whole county. No wonder every other Canadian hates us! Well, at least I have the super long weekend to look forward to. Oh, and that three day workweek following! Mmmmmmmmm, Sleeeping in :dance: Ya, the days are getting longer again!!!!

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