Under Construction.

OK, not the blog folks, although it has gone through some minor evolutions this week but I’m talking about my house. Right now, if you step into my bedroom and (soon to be computer room) you’ll see that it looks like disaster zone. For the last two days I have being wokring “casualy” this holiday season in renevation mode. I wanted to get the computers out of the living/dinning room into it’s own little space, out of the way of my general activites. And it would be nice to have full use of my dinning area again. Computers still take up a lot of room. I can’t wait when we have 10gig CPU in a notebook. Then all I would have problems with would be looking for it each time I sit it down after a Internet sessions.

2 Thoughts on “Under Construction.

  1. My my… Aren’t you industrious during the holidays! Yikes. Not me.

    I hope you had a very special Christmas!


  2. Hey, ….. Just one second, I need to blow the saw dust off the monitor…. There we go,…. Ya, I’m so happy that I now have “space” in my living area again. This is my X-Mass gift to myself. Actually, this will be the only time that I have to do the renovation. Well, My coffee break is now over, must get back and start the clean-up phase of my little project. Thanks Tan, Take care! Let me know when your having that coffee get-together?

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