To Stop a Train for a Cup of Coffee

Picture this: You are sitting at the local Cafe’ on the corner of Glover Road and Mavis Street in Fort Langley. Glover Road is most famous for the exit to the Albion Ferry that crosses the Fraser River to Maple Ridge. But just before Glover crosses the river, there is a double set of train tracks which lay between the Cafe’ and the buildings that line the shores. To hear the noise of the train is quite common, especially for me because I live quite close by. But this morning, The sound of the bell kept ringing for several minutes and yet the arms of the railway crossing indicator did not swing down to stop traffic. I was sitting outside under the patio heater while I ate, drank and read the Vancouver Sun news paper. I just finished my meal and then started walking toward my home when out from behind the Fort Langley Railway Museum on Mavis Street walk a tall grey haired man wearing a reflecting vest sporting the initials C N on the back. I looked further on ward and saw a parked train with it’s engine running.

As we moved closer toward each other, I look at the gentleman and ask, “Is that your train?”

He replied, “Oh no, that’s not my train,” he then smiled, “but I am on it.” He was already on the road and was heading straight for the Cafe’.

I looked back toward the train and saw two more men wearing the same type of reflecting vests. One had just hopped off the train and the other was waiting along side the tracks for him. Then, they both started toward the road leaving the engine running on the train with a mile of boxcars behind them.

I laugh to myself and thought, “Coffee break, and they pulled into Fort Langley for a coffee…”

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