The year in retrospect: 2004

As I look back at 2004, it reminds me that I’m not getting any younger, but I’m getting a whole lot wiser. With a summer that was a deadly heatwave to a killer wave that killed over a 120,000 people half way around the world, a roller coaster would have being boring compared to the ride I had in 2004. It was a year of change, enlightenment and loss. I bid it farewell and usher in the new year with hope, happiness and plans for a great future. But oh, what a year it has being…

Perhaps the best thing I could say about 2004 is that this was the year that I became debt free. For the first time since I joined the work force, I now have no personal debt whatsoever. The effects of have such debt was huge as the amount if interest paid to the powers that be, in this case Banks and other lending institutions, were almost One to One. For example a Forty thousand dollar loan almost topped the Seventy thousand mark because I refinance it through the last quarter of the loan period. Another example was the interest rate that the Bank charge on credit and line of credit. Having this weight gone has being an almost spiritual enlightenment for me. For the first time I now can save, not to worry about payment deadlines and best of all, no more service charges from Banks. As part of my grand plan of debt freedom, I have also terminated all my Bank accounts and any relationships with them whatsoever. I have an agreement with my employer that allows me to cash my pay cheque without dealing with a financial institution. I live and operate in a cash world now. I owe this lifestyle change to my Sociology Professor who gave me the tools and source of great writers who have deconstructed our social economic system and published works that throws mud in the faces of all those who claim that investing your money in Banks will give you riches beyond anything else. I own everything I have and best of all, I have now saved to the point that buying new with cash has in it’s self made me richer than I ever could of imagined!

Also for 2004, this was the pivotal turning point in my academic life as I now earned enough credits to shed my undergraduate label and now move toward mastering my chosen discipline. After many months and hard work, the goal is within arms reach. My “pay as I go” policy made it slow and cause some bumps along the road, however, I’m still a free man with now student loan dept or holds on my transcripts.

This year marks the first anniversary that my father past away. The family never really celebrated X-mass in 2003, thus 2004 was the first X-mass we had. I miss him. I is hard to accept that this is part of the natural life cycle of a human being. We take death for granted as it is apart of us just as birth and birthdays are. I am great full that I have my siblings and a Mother and now have made it more of a priority to keep in touch with them and cherish every moment with them.

Technically, this blog is now one year old, although the domain name didn’t go on-line until March of 2004, however, January 1st 2004 was my first entry. I really wanted a blog after reading about the concept from journals and a CBC documentary that open my eyes to the world of blogging. Actually, NetChick’s website was one of the first blogs I saw because of that program. Since then, I have being hooked. I bought some web space and this name from a local server and started to learn the language of PHP and HTML, researching what would be the best tools for me and my humble little piece of the inter net universe.

Wow, has time gone by fast. this year was fast and action packed. Perhaps, in a hopeful sense, 2005 will be a little slower and a chance for me to enjoy it a little more? I guess we’ll fine out in a couple of hours?

Happy New Years everyone! May 2005 be the best year ever!

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