One Week after the Tsunami

In a news program on CBC Radio today, they says that Canada has kick in over 57 million dollars in private donations and adding that from the Government’s donation (I do not know that amount) this has made it the most aid ever raised in our history which is in proportion to the magnitude of it. It pains when I look at our government’s response to the global disaster. It pains me when we see and hear on the news the size and depth in which the tsunami levelled over five countries and taken so many lives. It pains me that I did not hear my leader speak to the nation until six days after the disaster. When I hear the President of the Untied States, Gorge Bush speak, just one day after, giving his sympathy and words of payer to the people who lost their homes and families in those countries, I wonder, where the heck is Paul Martin? Why did he decide to continue his vacation in some tropical country, when the people of Canada had already moved in doing something, way before the Government got organized in getting aid off to those countries. Maybe I’m just a little over reacting here, but I see Canada as a caring and giving country with a strong reputation around the world. Maybe I want more from my government when the world is brought to it’s knees in such a disaster. Perhaps, when we all look back twenty years from now, this will be some miss placed diatribe that was the result of me waking up on the wrong side of the bed? But regardless, when watching CBC News World, Rex Murphy speaking about the same topic on December 31st, 2004, I really wonder if this is a bigger problem than what I’m doubting myself with at this moment.

2 Thoughts on “One Week after the Tsunami

  1. Canada’s current donation is at 80mil$ and DART is finally being put on alert.

  2. Thanks Pete for the up date. I just read the story after I posted.

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