Burr, It’s cold..? No… it’s freezzzing!

Great, all summer long I was hopping for some relief from the heat wave we had, now I think the “over praying” has kicked in and we are on the brink of going into the other extreme. Looks like we’re going to get our first dump of snow for the season and this cold snap is just a teaser. For those of you who live elsewhere in the country, your probably thinking that I’m on glue or crack saying, “it is cold everywhere in Canada,” but au contraire my fellow Cunucks, Vancouver only gets the deep freeze every now and then, not like Winnipeg or Toronto. When the mercury falls below 0C around here, it’s an emergency. Just look at the amount of homeless people who were unable to fine shelters in the last couple of day because the lack of warning. That hit the media you know and shelters started to get more beds ready for the pending nights to come. We here in the Lower MainLand are not use to such cold temperatures. We are use to a more temperate climate with lots of rainy and sunless filled days, all year round, not this cold, below freezing weather and rain that you got to shovel, yuk. Crap, I think I even forgot how to drive in the snow?

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