Rotten Weather and Poor Roadside behaviour

To top it all off, not only has the weather man being wrong, or only half right but not too many people that I see out on the streets are prepared for the wintry blast of freezing cold temperatures of minus 3C and little snow. I know, I hear the violins, off in the distance over in Winnipeg! But hey, this is Vancouver, people here mow their lawns in January. The weather man said more cold and snow, but instead, it seams to of tapered off. Anyway, I followed a young person in a tiny, supped up car that never made it up the hill in Walnut Grove on 108 Street heading into Langley, that road still has ice on it. It was amazing as he start going backwards, as he spun his tires with full gas: paddle to the metal only to make assent on hill increase with speed. I stopped, with nowhere to turn or go backwards, I shifted into low and drove over the curb and stayed on the curb until he passed me going backwards down the hill. Regrettably, it was now the poor sole who was behind me to deal with this renegade driver going out of control. I had plenty of traction and control on the road, partly due to good tires and owning a pickup, so I was quite confident in my ability to drive off the road and knowing that I could get back on again with little effort. However, the car that was behind me was not in so good of a position to deal with the backwards moving car. For him, all he could do was honk his horn as the sliding car collided into him. There was too much on coming traffic to cross the yellow line and the curb was too high for the small car to climb. I can only imagine what it was like for both drivers as this slow motion accident took place.

I guess I hearken back to my days when I was in the boy scouts. The motto of the boy scout was “be prepared” and knowing that at any time, whether the forces of nature or man made disasters, you must be ready to deal with the unexpected. Yet, we all know winter comes and goes, it will happen approximately every 12 months or so. Don’t think that this global warming is going to prevent snow and freezing temperatures from occurring in Vancouver or Southern British Columbia, it will still happen no matter how screwed up he weather is. Snow Tires are a good case in point! Drive Safe. 😎

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