Salt of the Earth, or Vancouver

It seems that the stores in the city of Vancouver, [Canada] have run out of rock salt for salting the sidewalks and driveways and other icy surfaces during our winter freeze up. The demand for rock salt has resulted in the City of Vancouver giving a small portion of salt, 5 kG worth as long as you bring your own bucket or other means of carrying it. Once the story broke early this morning, there has being a steady line up at the city works yard. News broke on CBC Radio about the City’s give away. However, just when such a great deed was a blessing to our slippery problems, some environmentalist and eco scientists have put out a plea to everyone using salt, to use it in sparing amounts. They claim that over salting the sidewalks and roads will have a diverse effect on the local environment, particular, the lakes, rivers and other waterways. Kind of like adding salt to the wound?

I know, it was bad?????

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