The First Week of the New Semester, Yeah!

Heading toward my final courses for college, the last two mandatory subjects in criminology, __Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour__ and __Sociological Explanations in Criminal Behaviour__ I kind of feel surreal and complacent because having gone through all of the second year courses, these final two seem so out of touch with the whole curriculum. I guess the high point of last night’s class was going though concepts in social theory: Reproductive Fitness, Selfishness and Kin Selection in light of what the characteristics of a Psychopath are, then diving into one concept called Cheater Theory, where by Psychopaths mimic non Psychopathic characteristics to pass on their genes based on Evolutionary Theories. Quite the concept from a Psychological point of view? I guess you could not completely rule out genetic predispositions compared to social and leaned, but even this is proof that as a social scientist, you never put all your eggs into one basket!

8 Thoughts on “The First Week of the New Semester, Yeah!

  1. Can I ask you why you chose a subject that has so many BIG words in it? 😆

  2. Well, believe it or not, there is a pun buried inside this post. This is a joke that I posted on the college criminology website the same day. I linked it to my website. Genes and Eggs???

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