Salt to Sandbags, in 24 hours

One would never have known that just two days ago, we were in the mids of winter’s grip and our frozen world was the chaos and vehicle hell that filled the evening news. We now have gone from a wintery world of frost covered windows and salted roads to umbrellas, raincoats and sandbags…. Yes, Sandbags! Remember in my last post I said that the City of Vancouver was handing out free salt? Well, the City of Richmond is handing out free Sandbags! If you stood in the same spot two days ago today, you would have never of known that this cold crystalline world even existed. As rain pours down in near records amounts, not one trace of ice and snow can be found. It has now being raining for two days. The first twenty four hours brought over one hundred millimetres of rain and today we will have equalled that. Tomorrow, till the end of the week, is about the same in the weather forecast. We now have so many road closures; that plotting routs to work in the mornings can be quite tricky. Going home today, I had to take two detours because of local flooding! I am glad my roof does not leak!

6 Thoughts on “Salt to Sandbags, in 24 hours

  1. Our weather is a bit changeable just lately.

  2. Is it this bad in your neck of the woods too? We got up to 17C in the afternoon day before yesterday: they called it a Tropical Storm?

  3. Although no where NEAR as drastic as what’s happening in BC, this winter has been crazy in Ottawa too. It dropped from -5 or so to -40 in about 3 hours in mid December. It skyrocketed from -20 to 15 in under a day some time last week (making the city of Ottawa close down the canal because it was no longer safe), and then in under 2 days we were back to -15 or so…

    Clearly, no devestation or loss of property or life… yet… I’m just concerned that since weather travels from west to east, this end of the country will be getting some nasty surprises in the next couple weeks

  4. Ya, I just heard on CBC radio that the canal was shut down. Its crazy around here! …and its still raining like cats and dogs. :ohno:

  5. Poor aminals… :ohno:

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