Exciting Neighbourhood I Live in?

Back on Thursday, I was psyching myself up for the super late class, 7PM to 10PM, trying to get an hour or two rest because the next morning I had to get up at 4:15AM for work. So, as I was forcing myself to sleep, I guess I must of really dosed off because during this time, the police had to be called out to one of my neighbours who’s party (on a Thursday night?) got out of hand. The description I got was, my home was surrounded by police cars and cops everywhere. But remember, I was out like a light bulb! When I got up to leave for class, I noticed nothing? But it gets weirder…

When I got home Thursday night, oh, about 11:15PM, I was so tired that I just crashed right into my bed. I just threw my cloths off and curled up into bed, going straight in to dreamland. About this time, my same neighbour, restarted the party from hours before, and again the police came out. Though this time arrest were made and charges laid to the occupant and some of his guest. Again, my home was surrounded with police cars, and cops everywhere.

I somehow got up for Friday morning to go to work. I was tired and grumpy and working on autopilot. When I got home, again I went straight to bed. I guess I manage to get about one hour of sleep before I figured I might as well get up and mope around the house before I would get tired enough to really get some sleep. About 8PM I fell asleep. I awoke the next morning right around 8AM. I got up, decided to go the drive through for some morning coffee and a breakfast bagel. On the way back, I found another neighbour standing on the side of the road, some what of a good friend. I stopped to say “Hi” to her. She told me the first two Thursday incidents…. Then she told me about the Friday story….

She said that another neighbour next door to the one who had the party got into some hot water with police and ended up having the police surrounding his home, searching every square inch of his property. She figured that he was detained at the police station because he was nowhere to be seen. Again, while I was sleeping, there were police cars everywhere, parked in my driveway, looking all over the place, and I, sound asleep, off in dreamland totally unawhere of all of this.

Dam, I miss everything. Between working and classes, I miss all the dirt in the neighbourhood!

***Up Date: 2:32pm*** I was informed just an hour ago that my “partying, Thursday night neighbour” just gotten evicted from his place and has being moving out his belongings today. I walked by there just now and confirmed this. It must of being quite the party, door kicked in, beer cans & bottles filled a garbage can and what looks likes a torn window blind in the living room.

2 Thoughts on “Exciting Neighbourhood I Live in?

  1. Ahh yes… a reminder as to why I never want to be a landlord. Yikes! That’s terrible.

    Then again, my roommates have some crazy parties. I guess that’s why I rarely sleep at home these days…

  2. Now that it’s Monday, the landlord told me that he is worried about possible reprisal from the X-Tenant. The guy was very violent according to him. Another consideration to your landlord dilemma NetChick.:ugh:

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