Truth or Fiction is based on Perspective

Playing with Statistics is one of the key functions of being a Criminologist. I was having a discussion with a co-worker who was amazed that the concept of how easy it is to misrepresent the truth with statistics, orSOCI1125 2003 Stats., I will call them, could be done. I asked him what the average wage earner in Canada was, he automatic reply, well the middle class would be $45,000.00? [buzzzzz = wrong] Firstly, this example was use by a Sociology Professor I had the honour to sit in his lectures with, C. Vidal at Kwantlen University / College. Here’s how it looks on paper, or in a png image. First point here is how Stats Canada makes’ their definition of the middle class wage earner vrs what is the actual middle class wage earner is. Second, how this measure skews what point of view that Canadians have for their country and how people generalizes the wealth and health of the country over all.

Dealing with the First point, Stats Canada creates their numbers by skewing the lowest and highest wage earners from the Bell Curve because of the characteristics of the how the curve represents and the practicality of the the two groups to the general working class in comparison. Firstly, subtracting the top 60 percent, you eliminate the very thin vertical line of high wage earners. Because they only represent a very small portion of the overall population, 12 percent, 88 percent of all Canadians will never fall into this class. They represent the million dollar wage earners and super rich and elite. Secondly, skewing the lowest amount of wage earners from the total amount, the greatest number of the population you move the bar even lower. The reasoning of eliminating the lower 10 percent, who represent 35 percent of the total population, is that they do not represent the over all wage earners because these people generally fall into classes such as students who live at home, or Spouses who earn extra money for the family.

Therefore, lastly, in realistic terms, the actual middle class wage earners would be higher than the Stats Canada benchmark. If you included those who are at the top 60 percent and the lower 10 percent, the mark increases will be allmost 30 percent. Stats. Canada’s middle class wage earner is $48,000.00 compared to the actually middle class earner which would roughly be $122,000.00 -/+ $10,000.00 per year, using the 1996 Stats Canada figures.

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  1. I have heard stats could be problematic. :crazzy:

  2. Yes, I remember you posted a passage on your weBlog along these lines. Same idea. :boggle:

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