Male Birth Control in the News, again

This is one story that has always interested me over the years. From when I first started college, till now, I have always debated amongst my collogues and friends that social, medical and moral reasonings of Male Contraception in our society was needed. Indeed my argument is built on years of research and shared information from many friends and academics for whom I interact with. Form the Sociological perspective, I have always favoured the general idea of Male Contraceptives on the bases of shared responsibility and individual choice that Females have enjoyed for the last 40 years. I like to break down many of the dominate stereotypes that we seem to hang on to in the Western (and eastern) world regarding sexual responsibility.

In today’s issue of the Vancouver Sun, on it’s front page, the article touts the newly implementation of a Male Contraception method: Intra Vas Device or IVD(Intra Vas Device). An intrusive device that is inserted directly inside the Vas Deferens, the tubs that carry the sperm from the testes to the prostate that are normally cut during the procedure called a Vasectomy. This device blocks the sperm from reaching the prostate and thus preventing the ejaculate from containing any sperm during ejaculation, especially during copulation. Other than temporary soreness from the procedure, the Male libido will not be effected other than the temporary sterilization as the intended effect. “The IVD(Intra Vas Device) works something like a vasectomy, only better, explains Dr. Neil Pollcok, Vancouver’s top vasectomy surgeon and a partner in Shepherd Medical, the U.S. company that owns the patents to the IVD(Intra Vas Device).” Ward (2005)

“The IDV(Intra Vas Device) ___the world’s first implantable male contraceptive___ in being billed as a reversible alternative to permanent vasectomy and in anticipated to provide contraceptive effectiveness comparable to the IUD(Inter Uterine Device) and the birth control pill.” Ward (2005)


Ward, Bruce. February 5th, 2005. ___Procedure hailed as Reversible Vasectomy.___ Front Page, Vancouver Sun News Paper: British Columbia, Canada.

2 Thoughts on “Male Birth Control in the News, again

  1. I think I need something like this. :rockon:

  2. Yes, I wish they had this when I was 20. I gave up so good times because of the fear of pregnancy and AIDS. I guess living in a world that was dominated by Fundamentalists, (yes, here in Canada too) my life was very merky from subterfuge and conjecture. I believe that every person who reaches sexual maturity should have the choice of contraceptives such as this! :angel:

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