Happy Birthday to Mom and the Flag

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Canadian Flag. It was 40 years ago today that we gave up the Red Ensign and changed the look of our country’s colours to the rest of the world. Also, it was my mother’s birthday yesterday, also on Valentines Day. So Happy Birthday Mom and happy birthday to the flag!

But I should point out here that February 14th, was the most important day out of the two. ___This way I get to keep my good standing with Mummy….*hint* *hint*___… So the last couple of days have being hectic. I made sure that the birthday card was off in the post…. “You must have it by now Mom.” It was the cutest one I could find. Searched high and low for the perfect card!

The Birthday card I got for my mother was a turtle, dressed as a rabbit, with little bunny ears and a fluffy tail with a present strapped to the top of the shell. I guess the idea was, better late than never? Well, I bought the card because it has a deeper meaning to it. My mother once had a T-shirt that read “Super Turtle” on it with a tiny turtle hanging from “E” in the world turtle. It was cute. I never forgot that shirt because she always wore it at home and it was her explanation when someone wanted something and she did not have enough time to do it or, she would encourage us to do it for ourselves.

2 Thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Mom and the Flag

  1. Why Thanks Mike! I’ll check out yours in the next while.

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