Is Kyoto Achievable and College goes on Strike!

O Kay, I’m not a real fan of disputing parties and forced settlements, but the BC government sure took its sweet time getting involved to send in a labour arbitrator to finally start working on a solution. My stake in all of this is I’m a college Student in Kwantalen. I have classes in both Langley and Surrey Campuses. The BCGEU(British Columbia Government Education Union) have being without a contract and without a wage increase in over 7 years. So the Union has being rotating pickets among 6 colleges throughout the province. So each college looses one day per week on average. I have already lost one of my Monday classes, actually, the very first day of the semester was lost. Now, today, my Thursday class was cancelled because of the strike. And just as I was throwing my books back into my pack, I heard the government was sending in a labour dispute mediator to get both side talking again. So that’s my day so far!

Now, this Kyoto Accord that is now in it’s second day, is starting to bug me. I just heard on the news that the real numbers of Green House Gases that Canadians produce in our daily activities is way more than what was originally calculated. Go figure.

The One Tonne Challenge that is being promoted to by the Federal government seems a bit whimsical to say the least. Do you think someone is willing to give up their SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle) just because some pencil neck in Ottawa is asking them too? Duh! NO! Hey, If I can afford a gas guzzler vehicle to drive to and from work, you think I’m going to let some pencil neck give me the guilt trip to change my driving habits? No…. I’m just going to wined up the windows, put the air conditioner on and drive faster. I can just see my boss driving a Voks Waggon!

No, Canada needs to get it’s head out of it’s X$#@@ and wake up. If Canada was really serious about this——–then throw some legislation down to get the ball rolling!…….Oh, and some money wouldn’t hurt either!

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