No, You’re not Lost, I Just Upgraded!

O kay, I have just done the bog upgrade and figured I should start back to the basics and work my way up again. I guess the look of the old layout sort of sucked. I could tell because everyone was telling that the blog was cool, but…. That was the indicator! When people are nice, that really means trouble and a change in needed. So here we are… Recently added: I just did a bunch of editing on the index page and it looks fairly straight forward. I Administration page is a little lame, but it works. So I’m slowly getting most of the plug ins back up again. I think there are a couple of them that I’m going to leave for good…. the new layout just does not need the clutter.

Previous entry from earlier on today: I think the first thing I must do is get the old favicon up, and start working the CSS to get these post looking good again. The drop case letters are off, yet I didn’t figure the old plugins would stay when I uploaded everything. At least that is one less thing I must do. Those plugins were a bitch sometimes to get working.

Oh, now I guess I need to worry about SPAM again because I just realized that my SPAM protection systems are gone. Holy crap! This could get ugly…..:(

So Here Is Word Press 1.5 StrayHorn!

2 Thoughts on “No, You’re not Lost, I Just Upgraded!

  1. Nice one Tom. How are you finding it? Should be nice and easy for you to mess about with your own style whilst being able to swap back to something stable till you’re satisfied with it. (Did I explain that properly?) Anyway I’ve looked at it in IE6 (in fact I’m doing this comment with it just to be thorough) and everything is fine though the text is slightly smaller. (I’m set at medium in IE.) This makes the menu text (IMO) a bit too small but I can still read it OK and if I can…… Should be fine me thinks.

  2. Stuart, the functions are nice and I like the themes feature. I’m so glad that the page looks alright in IE. I guess when I first uploaded the WP1.5, I never killer the plugins and the whole thing went into chaos mode. So, rather then fiddling around with it for the next week, I just deleted the whole thing and started from scratch. That seemed to do the trick. I was allot less hassle then I thought it would have being. Thanks for the test on your browser. 🙂

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