Here we are, a New Looking WeBLOG

So each new theme that I have tried has some really wonderful features and flip side, each would require many hours of work to get all the function that I would like to see working. What you see right now, the Blue roundly theme is the WordPress Default that came with the 1.5 package. For my tates, this seems to the best one and carries the “new page” feature that I thought was really neat. However, like the 1.2 version of WordPress that I had before, there were tons of features that were not being used simply because of my limitations with PHP and how to use the templates. At least 1.5 seems to be a little bit more user friendly and easer to understand. But most importantly, time wise, it took less time to configure the current CSS to the way I wanted then with the previous version. Above all else, I am happy with the upgrade per se and hope to take full advantage of the all the feature 1.5 has to offer. ….OK, I’m getting sentimental here, *sniff* *sniff* and let me say that if it were not for all those little people out there, this project would not of gotten off the ground….. wait, I’m not getting a Oscar here? ….eh, screw it, you either like the BLOG or don’t!

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