The Blog Saga Continues, still in the set up phase

Quality and Quantity seem to be the hallmark of some Blogs, while short, often vague Blogs fill the other end of the spectrum. For my little Blog here, I seem to be in the first category! When I redid my stats page, which I can’t get to show on the main page at the moment, I have written a whopping 226 page of text, with the average post length of 650 words. The last two upgrades, allowed me on line editing and word processing, so the amount of words grew per post. This is quite the mound of words, even from my expectations when I first started the Blog Gig.

My current challenge with WP(Word Press) 1.5 StreyHorn is with the older plugins that are not up to the conversion from 1.2.2 and older. SO, I either start fiddling around with PHP now, taking up valuable time, or wait for the authors who created these plugins to fix and upgrade on their own accord. Either way, I’m at the mercy of the dreaded God of Time. Gerrrrrrrr.

Anyway, I’m going to do some cleanup here today, then start some uploading and tweaking this coming weekend. I still have homework that is piling up and the couple of dead lines fast approaching. So, I’m going to be a slave to the day planner this week! Sad, how one is a slave to the day planner… 🙁 Oh crap, I need those smilies too! Another one for the day planner—–see! I’m a slave to it!

11 Thoughts on “The Blog Saga Continues, still in the set up phase

  1. Well this is looking rather nice Tom. I like that texture in the banner and the “illumination” letters. I like these better than the ones you had in the previous style.

  2. These are the “right out of the box” WordPress default setting, also known as Kubrick. I just added a little “highlight” to the layout, and kept everything else the same. So far so good. The textures in the banner were done with the GIMP, which is famous in the LINUX world. I made the fonts as well with it too, pluss a CD of 3000 fonts that I bought several years ago witch gives me some verity that sources off the web could not give me. It is hard to mess with such a great layout——it really does not need any improvements other than some individual attention without going overboard.

  3. Ahhhh! Really easy to read. Nice pick on the template, Tom! 🙂

  4. WOW, why thank you Tanya! I guess I should leave right alone what looks good and not mess with it! Eh? 😉

  5. I know the Gimp but have never really got into it as I have Fireworks and, if I remember correctly, the Gimp takes a bit of “setting-up” on Windows. I’ve just been trying out a font editor to mess with my “image-replacement” font but found I couldn’t do what I wanted.

    Do I take it that the “mood” plug-in is one of those that don’t work or does that question mark have a meaning and do you need all the plugins you’re thinking of? I only mention it because I sometimes think people put way too many “extras” into their pages and it gets crowded.

    How’s the “chopped ham”? Had any problems with it since you upgraded?

  6. Stuart: Yes, the GIMP was made for LINUX. It installs like a dream on that platform. Windows was an “after thought” and had to tweaked to work with the GUI. Remember, it is free and works under the user agreement to keep it free. The GIMP has “FU Scrips” that are designed to make logos and image fonts without having to create all the steps necessary for its creation. You just enter a few basic parameters and what text you want and it spits out the other end your ready to use logo to use.

    The “mood” plugin is one of the only plugins that did not need any tweaking for WP 1.5. The question mark is the correct image. If you move your cursor over the image, you’ll get some text as to what the mood means.

    I’m going to make a point not to “pollute” the page with extras. Several lurkers who I know, have told me that they really like the layout and like you, also found it easy to read. It seems like everyone likes blue and the funky banner. 😉

    “Chopped Ham,” =) Absolutely none! Nothing. I have not had any lunch meat since the upgrade! It is funny, during the time of the upgrade, 2 slices of meat got through. I laughed when I saw that! 🙂

  7. Oh right. Just checked the hover on your mood icon.

  8. Actually Tom, getting back to the chopped ham, you might want to check out Janne’s latest post. He’s good at this stuff and I don’t think all the best coders inhabit the WP forum. Could be a useful link for you to keep. He travels a lot which is what his blog is mostly about but he comes up with this stuff now and again. It’s Janne who did most of the ShortStat mods I wrote about a while back. And I spotted that Eric Meyer has updated his plug-in for 1.5 too.

  9. Yes, Thanks Stuart. I went over and had a look. Very interesting. This weekend I will be doing some behind the scenes work for meat control.

    I’m lucky here I guess because I haven’t seen any meat on my blog. Although you did notice that your comment with the link was held. I have everything set on high, specially comments with links in them. I would rather delete comment lunch meat in the moderator page then have it sit on my index page for all to see!

  10. I thought it might be something like that. I see Eric’s upgraded Gatekeeper yet again to RC2. Now he’s actually got round to installing WP1.5 he can test it himself. Quicker that way methinks.

  11. There are so many options. I’ll see what he has to say when he finishes the primary tests?

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