Going to the Movies

Xine is a free movie player for your system, and it easily installable for the Linux System such as my machines here at home. The reason why I’m writing about Xine (Pronounced “[ksi:n], like the name “Maxine” with the “Ma” removed”) is because I was uploading some short DVD movies that I made and my “audience” was having problems with the codec on his player made by those other guys… Needless to say, I was a little rusty playing in the MS Windows sandbox and was clueless about getting the proper Drivers installed. So I introduced him to Xine. He has a Linux machine too, encase your were wondering.

He was thrilled that, (a) it was free and that offered so many of the codecs used by Window formats. (b) It install fairly easily and worked right from the moment after you installed it and ( c ) You had access to all the DVD region codes around the world! He likes the Asian and East European movies, that your off the shelf DVD player will not play. Please do not forget, you can run this on the Windows platform also, just remember that it is more difficult to set it up–as I found out.

Another website helped him set up the by pass his DVD Burner so that he could burn several regional codes with out compromising his DVD player after the so called 5 courtesy burns it gives you. [I do not have link from him yet.]

Yes, the world of Open Source is nothing to laugh at folks. I still do not understand why someone would want to go out of their to pirate software licences, illegal software, or pay for it when you can get free personal use operating systems with very few conditions attached right off the net?

My rule of thumb is: If someone posts a video that Xine can not play, then that person has lost 50% of the inter net users around the world. I happily move one to something else to watch. Also, this gives me a chance to start the post off with the letter “x” which I do not get to use that often. It looks funky with my drop down letters… =)

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