Spring, it’s Early this Year.

Looking outside my window, I can see the trees starting to bud their leaves, I can see the rose bushes making fresh shoots and the grass is growing with the weeds, ready for the great mower. Across the river I can see the changing shades of colours of the forest canopy and along the shores from the low laying bushes, going from dead brown to a reddish, green hue with hints of yellow. Even the Cherry tree that sits at the end of my street has started to plume a brilliant white with thousands of white buds covering it like frost on a supper cold night.

Holy cow, with all this new growth and rebirth, I feel like heading out in the car cursing the main drag and trolling for chicks! With temperatures like 19C we had yesterday, I feel like we are really in summer mode? So, into my shorts, my summer jacket and sunglasses, I’m taking the rest of the week off to enjoy this early nice weather. Awh, my spring break! 🙂

5 Thoughts on “Spring, it’s Early this Year.

  1. Well we haven’t had snow for a good week now, not that it was sticking around anyway, and it definitely feels warmer. Turned the heating down a little last night to compensate and it feels OK so far.

  2. Trolling for chicks? LOL!

  3. Yup, global warming! And, spring—-this means that the girls shed their winter clothing and sport more plesant garb for grabing their prospectiv Male’s attention. Some call it balence of nature, other’s “call of the wiled” and me, there are some who should wear more than what the socail norm says! *smerk*

  4. yes, but don’t forget Thom, you live in the tropics of Canada… here in Ottawa we got about 30 cm on Monday and Tuesday, but at least it’s sitting at a pleasant -1°C… it keeps the canal open, so I don’t mind…. but once it hits 10°, I’m wearing skirts!!!

  5. I guess the only thing I can say to that eberndl, aka Liz is: “I will not be wearing a skirt” *he he he ha ha ha*

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