What, More Exams. Why so Many.

A somber mood I sit and ponder “what on Earth I should do with the rest of my mini-vacation,” with yet so much left to do, and only two full days left to do them in, I type on my Blog instead. My mid-terms are do next week, therefore, I must concentrate on those. The new semester, and with it, registration day is also upon us and I must think about that plus make sure I have the money for admissions. I have read my reading that are scheduled for today, and started reading the chapters for tomorrow’s reading. I wonder if I should go far beyond my laid out assignments outline. I know that I will not have the time to spend like I do now, I should take full advantage of this? Regardless, I know myself better than anyone else that if I do venture too far ahead, this could also prove bad news for next week’s exams as I tend to sluff off just before the exams. Yet another part of me whats to drop everything, just stop all my worries and go on a road trip. Just point the car in any direction and drive–one day there, one day back. Oh that sounds so simple, so nice and so exiting. That could be the ticket to some well deserved happiness. OH crap! I forgot, I’m broke until I pay for my registration! OH well, I was happy for one minute–better than nothing I guess *huge smile*

3 Thoughts on “What, More Exams. Why so Many.

  1. blogging is good
    and one s hould always blog instead of prepping for exams and worrying abt money

  2. Road trips make the world go ’round. Also really nice to have something to look forward to after the exam!

    I don’t envy your school-load, though. Just think how much time you’ll have once it’s all done!!?

  3. Well, I guess if don’t do the things you need to do to get what you want, then you’ll never get to where you want to be? I can’t remember who said that, but anyway, it was hard and ruffffffffff! I’m glass they are over. My last exam was on Friday and it took me allmost the whole three hours to write it. Rember this is all by hand: 3 essay questions and 20 short answer questions! The only thing I can do right now is type, and even that hurts. 🙁 But I’m resting for the next two days… 🙂 Oh my brain hurts right now……

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