Over the Hump and through the Hills

Before you call out the search parties and air support, I am fine and healthy, nothing to worry about. The last 10 days have being just unbelievably hectic and I needed to lock myself up in side my bedroom and cram for the exams, recover from a slight cold I was developing and figure out what I want to do for my 3rd and 4th year in my major. So I cut myself off from all contact from the outside world just to spend one hundred percent of my time on those problems. I am fine and functioning normally. My workload is back to 26 hours per day and work is still the same. All I have left are the last of the term papers and two final exam to end the Spring semester off with.

If you have sent me comments or Emails, I apologies for not returning replies. I will try my best to reply to those that need answering. If you wish, you may leave your comments of sympathy and condolences below or Email them, either way I do get them. For some people in my life, I guess I have being a stress case and I feel I must offer a apology for my crankiness and unusual attitudes of late. Things should be back to normal, if you could call it that?

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