Busy, Busy, Busy

Unbelievable how busy I have being in the last couple of weeks! I cannot understand why all of a sudden the scheduling of my little old life has hit fever pitch and yet, with my well planed layout, I find myself scrambling to understand why the pieces are not fitting together like they should? I do know one thing, when I travel new territory, like this one course I’m taking right now, I realize that knowledge does not come easily. Oh sure, I read the textbook and compile the notes. I write everything I can from the lectures and read them over religiously. Yet, for some reason, I’m struggling to achieve what I would consider the appropriate grade from the fruits of my labour. My last exam was a little disappointing to say the least. Yes, I passed it OK, academically, but not to the reciprocating effort I put into it. I guess my recall of details is slipping in my old age?

I have made a new pack to myself, or in some sense, remade an old one. I have decided to lighten my employment a little to allow myself to have more time with my studies. I may even go one step further and reduce my full time status with my main source of employment and go part time: period. I need to find that magic medium in keeping my goals alive.

Well anyway, I’m keeping up with my assignments and projects. I can still recover somewhat with this course. It is not over yet. Focusing on this next assignment may be the key here. This paper is worth twenty five percent of the course and I have calculated that I can achieve a recoverable mark and still maintain my GPA overall. Thus hope still exists!

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