I was gone for while becuase….

For those of you who were wondering where the heck I took off to, well, I was cram’n for the exams which start on Monday: doing that at the begining of the month and then: in the last couple of days, I have being franticly trying to figure out why I could not log onto my website? I figured out that my normal browser FireFox was not reading PHP any more, well, wores yet, my PHP files, I could still read everyone elses, not this domain! So I’m using a spcial LINUX browser called Epiphany 1.4.4, a Gnome desktop browser that is based on Mozilla. I guess I did something to FireFox that prevents me from using it? Anyway, I’m alive and well, just over worked and sleep deprived becuase of exams and work.

4 Thoughts on “I was gone for while becuase….

  1. Welcome back, Tom! I hope the exams go terrific… I’m sure you’ll do great with the dedication you obviously have!

  2. Thanks Tanya! I’m still a little tired but at least I can get into my Blog! It was my silly browser that was cuasing all the problems! It deeded the cashe empty! Go figure???

  3. Well I’m here but I should mention that I had to empty my cache to get here too. I’m assuming that as I tried to access your site whilst you were having problems I picked up whatever it was that was doing the blocking. All’s well that ends well but if anyone else tried to access your site at that time they may have the same problem. Just thought I’d mention it. 😀

  4. You know, I still have no idea what that was all about? Just wierd? I hope it is just a Fire Fox thing? Well, It’s working, so I’m happy, but yes, what about anyone else who checked in on that day, and now needs to empty their cache? I don’t know? I just, don’t, know…….

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