Let the Exams Begin

Yes, tomorrow my first final exam begins: to kick off the start of the end of the term! Thursday night will be the CRIM2330 final, followed by Monday afternoon exam, pluss a take-home exam also due then. Friday I’ll be taking some time from work so I can enjoy some R&R and not think about anything acedemic. Or, forget about R&R, I’ll just read away my nights anyway, getting ready for the next term- which appears to be just a brutal as this one! I’ve heard the stories already, and they are not nice.
Will this B.A. Degree be worth it?
Will it make me happy and get me that dream job?
Will I find that “Miss Right” once all of this is over?
Or: will I just end up flipping hamburgers in a greasy-spoon joint for the rest of my life?
(Now I wish I had my Polls plugin working again)
Stay tuned for the next episodes of the adventures of “The Life [of] Thomasso……”

2 Thoughts on “Let the Exams Begin

  1. You will *not* be flipping burgers my friend… Unless you want to, of course. Just have a distict goal in mind (i’m sure you do), and all will be right in your world.

    Best of luck with the exams — You’ll do just fine!!

  2. Thank you T! NO, I do not want to flip burgers for the rest of my life, but when 3 exams face you, all within 3 day and 2 on the same day, I just can’t help but not sit back and think about the easy way out. This is one goal I have set for myself, and one I will finish: right to the bitter end. And besides, I hate the smell of frying meat: yuk!

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