What I saw at the Gas Station$$$

Gas, Holy crap is it ever going up in price! I thought I would never see gas hit these prices for at least another year. I guess Old G.W.Bush is one happy camper with all his oil wells and oil producing countries he’s got now. I saw a gas station this morning that had posted it’s gas at $1.05 per litre *cough* *sheesh*. For those of you who are still on the old imperial non S.I. measuring method, you can easily put 4Ls into a Gallon. You do the math. I guess those big honk’n SUVs are going to get a little cheaper around here as gas prices climb–the middle class can’t afford to drive them anymore!

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  1. We are already looking at £0.80 per litre which after conversion is more than your latest prices, and about £0.60 of that is pure tax. Now on the one hand I don’t mind if it reduces car usage but on the other hand I do mind because we definitely don’t see the benefit of all that taxation in the form of a better transport system. In fact, if anything it’s just going from bad to worse. But I think the real problem is that when governments are getting large chunks of free revenue from petrol users they have no incentive to push for better fuel alternatives as they see themselves loosing money which they use to fund their spending excesses even though it happens to be OUR money. Cars should be running on water by now but oil barons and governments block any decent progress in technology. America doesn’t help with it’s “give me the biggest engine you’ve got, I’ll take half-a-dozen Smith and Wessons, bomb the crap out of anyone who disagrees with us” attitude. It was recently muted here that the supplementation of petrol with reprocessed “cooking oil” be made illegal purely and simply because the Chancellor suddenly realised that his revenue would take a dive. Makes me sick.

  2. OK Stuart, let see what we got here: Remmber, I’m not a math major…..

    PS is 0.528 = 1US$ or $1.89 US to buy 1 PS
    CND is 1.246 =1US$ or $0.80 US to buy 1 CND
    (these are the only numbers I have to work with)

    I belive that for me to buy 1 of your PS would cost $2.36CND

    That would mean that you pay allmost 2.2 times more for gas (petrol) than we do here in Canada. You say all of that increas is due to taxes? My Math could be wrong….. please check it =)

  3. No, that’s about right, T!

    I’m so happy we finally have alternatives to fossil fuel vehicles here in Vancouver… Or at least, a start to an alternative. I, for one, still don’t have a car, and will be buying a ninja to replace my main transportation (when I have time to actually go and buy one.)

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