A Super Sunset and Summer Time Fun

Oh is This place so nice when it is spring….. I could not believe my good timming when I was driving away from Abbotsford buying none GVRD taxed Gas, when I hit Bradner Road right at the time the Sun was setting, reflecting on top of the Fraser River! Not only was I in a good spot, but the light was right at the point in the river where the Albion Ferry crosses from Maple Ridge to Fort Langley. The other factor, was that I had just forgot to bring my camera in from the truck from my trip to Alberta, so how could I not snap a few frames. I clicked like a mad man, as in only a few mins, the Sun sank away into the mountains.

The photo shows Glenn Valley just East of Fort Langley, facing Westward high upon Bradner Raod, in Abbotsford. This high vantage point is quite common for people to stop and look out over this place. Not only can you see the Ferry corssing, but on a very clear night, you can see the lights of Vancouver and all places in between. Out of 24 photos, this one was good enough to show nicely on my screen. It was when the Sun started to drop over the horizon. Pluss, the exposure was allmost perfect for the light conditions. Enjoy the photo.

4 Thoughts on “A Super Sunset and Summer Time Fun

  1. Nice photo and I should mention the nice banner graphic too. So did you enjoy the vacation then or just the return drive? 😀

  2. It was the drive home! 3 days away from the mountains was just too much, I had to return….. ha ha ha! Oh, you like the banner? That that done using the GIMP, wonderful open sourse program, that somes with every copy of Fadora3 LINUX.

  3. Aha the Gimp eh? I did try the Win version and just couldn’t get to grips with it. Mind you I’m not a big graphics person. I get other people to do mine. And I never got a chance to mess with much of the Fedora software. To busy trying to get my damn modem to pretend it works. Oh well! 🙁

  4. Well, if you need some banners done Stu, gust let me know…. he he he…. Mine works quite well, and I use it a lot.

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