Summer School Begins-Day one

Just when you got caught up on all your sleep, took some time off from work so you could see all those people you forgot, left behind, or just could not catch up with because of the heave workload from school and work, etc…–you return to HELL. Well, that we what the first minute of the first class felt like. After that, it all sank back into perspective and the sense of normative high octane, ubiquitous genre that cannot be placed with just one known English word, accept, maybe normlessness, made me **not** feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As the prof. entered the room, he looked around the class, and where I was seated, we the end of his gaze, he bowed to me, and spoke my name with such reverence, showing to the class that there was a history between us. In fact the history was, he was my very first prof. in my quest for higher learning in the discipline of criminology. He smiled and continued on with the class lecture. Because of my “experinece” with him, I knew that one of his favourite “Ice-breakers” to get the class going was the “Name Game” where by if you happened to be the last student in the class to be chosen either by putting your hand up or chosen by the prof., you had to list all the names of the students that came ahead of you. Naturally, I went first. Am I evil or what?

3 Thoughts on “Summer School Begins-Day one

  1. And there’s me thought you went there to learn something but you really just want to play evil mind-games with the rest of the class! 😉

  2. Your feed doesn’t seem to be working for some reason. 🙁

  3. The feeds seem to be working at my end? I was working on my site last weekend, might of turned somthing off then without knowing it. But I just rerchecked everything, and all seems to be working?

    As far as my evil mind goes, experince is the thought od the old school, becuase the new students ahven’t expereinced it yet, I have the advanage————- I might as well use it? Right! he he he…. Wait till you see me next entery!

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