Summer School, the Saga Continues…

With the last day of class for this week behind me, I got what I could for sleep, then slithered out to work this morning. It was rough! Working on just four hours of sleep, then going home, tired, but not too tired to fall asleep– it is it’s own kind of Hell. So I just sat at my table staring at my textbooks, hoping that all the information would just leap out at me, straight into my head where it will sit until exam time ready to be regurgitated…. I know, wishful thinking? Well, the worst has begone, and now, for the next 14 weeks, I’m going to do what so many have fallen, failed, dropped, limped though, cried through, squeaked by, just passed and passed: you pick one. Statistical Psychology, the hardest of all undergraduate courses that the curriculum has to offer! Yes, folks, this is the moment of truth, where men are men or they become mice. Though the girls out number the boys in Criminology by almost 5 to 1, they suffer just as much. To my knowledge, I do not think that there is any gender difference whatsoever? Hummmmmm, perhaps that could be a class project? So, the class is lovingly called STATS or PSYC 2300. You must have this in your transcripts if you wish to graduate. And they don’t make it easy. With mathematics at it’s core, STATS, has it’s own jargon, rules and discipline. It seems that everyone who wishes to do their four year degree must have at least one STATS course under their belt — Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, etc… This is the “bottleneck” in the great system they call Academia. The prof. who’s name I have yet found the correct spelling for, at least has a cute sense of humour, kind of a morbid funny.??..? That was nice, because of the dryness of the material. He even referred it to “Hell on Earth” and “when you leave here, you’ll be much better people for it….” If that was a plug for it or just a warning, I thought I felt the ground shook when he said that? 13 more weeks and counting…..

4 Thoughts on “Summer School, the Saga Continues…

  1. i like stats…but oh well 🙁

  2. I gues I’m not just much of a numbers person? Criminology does depend on them whether I like it or not!

    Long time no hear Lily. How goes the new lap-top?

  3. my new laptop is happy to be owned by me 😀

    anywayz, i’m trying to be online more…or at least present on my forums and blogs more
    wish me luck!

  4. Well, I guess I better come over for a visit then….. see ya in a bit!

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